Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:- Nicole's probation extended!

 Breaking news on the interwebs is that Nicole's probation which she received for her DUI has unfortunately been extended by one more year. This mean it now ends in March 2011. It is believed Nicole has been so busy with her two children and her busy work schedule that she has simply been unable to attend every alcohol education class. 


However if Nicole does finish her class early the judge has said he may terminate the extra sentence.  However please note that Nicole simply just didn't attend her classes, her lawyer has said that she actually had "program approved" leave to deliver and look after Harlow and Sparrow. I'm sure as soon as she can Nicole will complete all required classes :) 


yohna said...

omg i cant believe this shit is still going on. i totally forgot about it haha

Richie Riches for Less said...

love the HOH sunnies